What Is an SRS Warning Light?

Stephen Chiang/Photolibrary/Getty Images

The SRS warning light is the supplemental restraint system warning light, which is also called the airbag system warning light. In most cars, it should appear for 1-5 seconds when the car is started. This brief lighting indicates that the system is self-testing, but if the light stays on, this is an indication that there is something wrong with the system and it is disabled.

Because the system is disabled, depending on the system installed, the airbags will not deploy and the seat belts will not tighten in an accident. There are different reasons that the light may not turn off, such as when and airbag has been deployed and not reset properly or there is a computer error. A mechanic will have to run tests on the airbag control unit, reset it, replace it or send it off to be repaired.

In the event of a faulty SRS, a visit to a qualified repair shop is strongly advised. Because the system is disabled, many insurance companies do not pay out on medical bills for accidents in cars with disabled SRS systems. The SRS even records accident data, such as speeds, which seat belts were being used and the state of the SRS system.