How Do You Find the Square Root of Pi?

Anna Gorin/Moment Open/Getty Images

Pi is an irrational number because no simple fraction can represent it. The square root of pi is also an irrational number. The square root of pi can never be written to its last digit, but it can be rounded or abbreviated.

  1. Use a graphing calculator to find pi’s value

    Using a graphing calculator’s Pi function, bring up the numerical value for pi. By doing this, instead of merely using the rounded 3.14, one will have an answer that is more accurate. 3.1415926535897932384626433832795…

  2. Take the square root

    Using the calculator once more, take the square root of pi. 1.77245385091…

  3. Round up

    Round the answer to any number of decimal places preferred. Generally, the standard is rounding it to two places. 1.77