What Is the “if You Sprinkle When You Tinkle” Poem?

The “if you sprinkle when you tinkle” poem is designed to remind people to wipe the seat clean of urine that splashes about when using the toilet. The poem has different variations that end with “… be a sweetie and wipe the seat(ie)” or “… please be neat and wipe the seat.” Although the poem is well-known, according to Giggle Poetry, the origin of the poem is not known.

According to MTV, other bathroom courtesies include telling other users if the toilet paper needs to be restocked. If there is not any toilet tissue accessible, Women’s Health Magazine says that it is okay to be friendly and share toilet tissue underneath the stall in a public restroom. The magazine also says not to leave residual toilet paper floating in the toilet and always flush after every use, even if there is not any defecation present in the bowl.

Women’s Health states that it is not proper to linger in a public restroom when not using the space, as people prefer their privacy when using the toilet. Casual chatter with strangers is also discouraged. It is not a good practice to spray too much air freshener in public restrooms, as the scent can be overbearing for other restroom visitors.