What Are Some Sports That Start With the Letter “O?”

Oina, over-the-line and old cat are three sports that start with the letter “O.” All three games are played with a bat and ball, but each one has a different origin and rules.

Oina is an ancient game that may have been developed in the first century. It is similar to American baseball. However, there are nine bases, and all 11 of a team’s players step up to the plate at the same time.

Over-the-line, referred to as OTL, also has some elements of American baseball. There are hits, home runs, outs and fouls. Each team has three players, and one of them serves as the batter. The other players pitch from anywhere in front of the line.

In old cat, the batter tries to get a hit and run to one base and back. Fielders attempt to “strike out” the batter by hitting him with a ball while he is not standing on the base. The number of bases used in old cat depends on the number of players.