What Sports Are Played in Nicaragua?

Many sports are played in Nicaragua, but baseball is the country’s national sport and is widely played across the country. Other popular sports include volleyball, basketball, boxing and soccer. Nicaragua’s warm climate makes it a great location for a variety of outdoor sports.

Baseball is the national sport of Nicaragua, and there are lots of baseball fields throughout the country. The county’s capital, Managua, houses the largest baseball stadium in the country. There are several professional baseball teams in Nicaragua, and the national team finished fourth in the baseball competitions at the 1996 Olympics.

Boxing is another favorite Nicaraguan sport. This may be largely due to the successful and well-reported career of Nicaraguan boxer Alexis Arguello. Soccer is also very popular in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua has an extremely long coastline, so the popularity of sport fishing comes as no surprise. April, May and October are the favored months for sports fishing, and tarpon and silver king fish are the biggest catches.

Other sports that are enjoyed in Nicaragua include hiking, biking, surfing, swimming, sailing and horseback riding. Nicaragua is home to many mountains and volcanoes and offers scenic hiking and biking trails. Nicaragua is a therefore a popular destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts.