Why Are Sports so Important in Society?

According to Mark Banschkick, M.D. of Psychology Today, sports are important to society because they help prove the importance of rules. Without rules, games such as football and baseball are not playable. In the same context, society cannot functional without having rules and regulations in place.

Banschkick, who is the author of “The Intelligent Divorce,” states that sports are important because they prove that no one is above the rules. This does not mean that people do not make mistakes. In fact, it is human nature to make mistakes. There are multiple ways to break every rule, but in the end, it is these rules that create a certain meaning and sense of fairness for everyone involved in the game or, in this case, society.

Sports are often taught in school for this very reason. They are a good way for kids to learn to work together in teams. By doing this, kids start to understand the important roles that people play in everyday society. No matter how big the role of a person is, society is not able to function properly without the individual. Much in the same way, a sports team is not able to function without every player on the team.