What Sport Used the Term Home Run Before Baseball?

Cricket used the term “home run” before it became widely used in baseball. In cricket, a batsman who hits the ball over the boundary is said to have scored a home run.

In a cricket match, when the batsman hits a home run, he does not run between all the bases like the batters do in baseball. A home run in cricket is a “boundary four,” meaning the runs are automatically scored without the batsman needing to run.

Unlike in a traditional baseball game, a batsman in cricket can score runs without hitting the ball. A player can run at any time, as long as the ball is currently in play, and the run helps the team’s totals for the game.

Each cricket team playing in a match consists of 11 players and substitutions are rare and restricted. There are always two umpires on the field during a game and these umpires are not allowed to speak, unless they are asked a question.