What Is Spirit Vinegar Made From?

Spirit vinegar is made from the fermentation process of the dilute of distilled alcohol. Alternatively, sugar vinegar is made by the fermentation process of syrup or sugar.

The two different types of vinegar are made similarly. They are the result of a fermentation and distillation process that causes acetic properties to form. They are traditionally created as a salad dressing, an ingredient for certain recipes, a preservative and as a condiment on certain foods. While the different types of vinegar may involve different processes, vinegar can be made from anything that contains any type of sugar including any type of fruit.

The process by which vinegar is made can begin with any type of base. These bases are often dependent on the culture and region that the vinegar is being made in and can vary greatly by location on the map. In the United States, the most common types of vinegars are distilled white vinegar, apple cider vinegar and wine vinegar. These types of vinegars are the basis for many different recipes, but some recipes may call for specific types of vinegar. Pineapple, raspberry and banana vinegars are all popular options for desserts. Tarragon and garlic are flavors that can be added to vinegar to change the ways that it is used.