What Are the Specs on an E-Z-Go Golf Cart?

The E-Z-Go golf cart has two-person seating, an 800-pound capacity, double-ended rack and pinion steering, and the power to tow three additional golf carts. These specifications apply to both the gas and electric versions of the Freedom RVX cart as of 2015.

E-Z-Go’s Freedom RVX body and chassis specifications include an epoxy-coated welded steel frame and an injection molded thermoplastic olefin body. Its overall dimensions are 94.5 inches long, 47 inches wide and 45.7 inches high, which extends to 68.5 inches high with a sun canopy. The cart’s wheelbase is 65.7 inches, and its tracks are 35.5 inches in front and 38 inches in the rear. Ground clearance is 4.5 inches on the electric model and 3.3 inches on the gas model. The majority of differences between the electric cart and the gas cart appear in the power specifications.

The electric vehicle runs on 48-volt power, motor and electrical systems. It uses four-12 volt batteries, a motor shaft direct drive train and a limited slip differential transaxle. The gas cart has a four-cycle, 24.5 cubic inch engine, a single cylinder valve train, and a starter and generator electrical system. It uses one 12-volt battery, a continuously variable automatic drive train and a helical geared differential transaxle. Although the electric version only achieves 4.4 horsepower compared to the gas version’s 13.5 horsepower, both max out at ground speeds of 19.5 mph.