What Are the Specifications of an M90 Supercharger?

The Eaton M90 supercharger is a positive-displacement, roots-type blower that displaces 90 cubic inches per minute of air per stroke. It has an rpm limit of 12,000, where it produces about 550 CFM of air at 10 psi of boost pressure while increasing the temperature of the air by 200 degrees Fahrenheit. At those speeds, the supercharger requires about 50 hp from the engine.

A supercharger is a belt-driven air compressor that increases the amount of air flowing into an engine by compressing the intake air to above atmospheric pressures. This forced flow of air provides the engine with “boost” and allows more fuel to be injected and combusted for more power. Unlike a turbocharger, which uses the engine’s exhaust gas to drive the compressor, superchargers use a belt directly connected to the engine, using some of its power. Roots superchargers use a pair of meshing lobes that trap air from the inlet side and push it to the outlet side. These superchargers do this at such a high rate that the air is compressed within the intake manifold and creates positive pressure; this is the reason why roots superchargers are also called “blowers,” as they simply blow air into the intake. Roots superchargers are typically large, inefficient and provide boost in bursts, instead of in a smooth, continuous way.