What Are the Specifications of a Ford 800 Tractor?

The specifications of the Ford 800 series of tractors are identical vertical inline Ford EAF gasoline engines, a bore and stroke of 3.9-by-3.6 inches, an oil capacity of 4.7 liters, and unsynchronized gear transmissions. Also, the chassis of each model is a four-by-two, two-wheel drive with manual steering.

Ford stopped tractor production in the United States in 1928, but it was continued in England. The Ford 800 series of tractors includes the 820, 850 and 860 models. The 820 was produced between 1955 and 1957, while the 850 and 860 were produced from 1954-1957.

The Ford EAF gasoline engines of the series are naturally aspirated and have four cylinders and eight valves. They each have 2.8 liters of displacement and utilize liquid cooling, with a 14.2 coolant capacity. All three models of the 800 series also have five forward and one reverse gear in their unsynchronized gear transmission, with a dry disc clutch.

All three models weigh 3,400 pounds each while operating and 6,700 pounds ballasted. The 820, however, is smaller than the other models with a lower height and length. In terms of hydraulics, the 820 doesn’t have any, but the 850 has a transmission power take-off and the 860 has a live power take-off.