What Are the Specific Weights for Different Types of Wood?

The weight of wood is dependant on its moisture content; green ash weighs 53 pounds per cubic foot when fresh but only 40 pounds when seasoned. Seasoned cedar weighs between 23 and 31 pounds, depending on the species, and fir ranges from 25 to 27 pounds. Balsa is the lightest, weighing only 11 pounds per cubic foot, and lignum vitae is the heaviest, weighing 80 pounds or more.

Other types of very heavy wood include ebony, which weighs up to 70 pounds per cubic foot; black locust, which weighs 49 pounds; hickory, which weighs 48 pounds; and some types of apple, which can weigh up to 52 pounds. Some of the lightest woods weigh less than 25 pounds per cubic foot, such as bamboo, several species of cedar, northern black cottonwood, some species of pine and Engelman spruce.

Many types of durable wood that are popular for building furniture are quite heavy, including beech, at 45 pounds per cubic foot; teak, which weighs between 39 and 45 pounds; hickory at 48 pounds; oak, which weighs between 42 and 47 pounds; and maple, which weighs between 33 and 44 pounds. Cherry, which is often used in cabinets and finishing work, weighs 35 pounds per cubic foot. Lighter woods,which are often favored as a less-expensive alternative, include alder and poplar, which both weigh 28 pounds.