What Is Souse Meat Made Of?

Souse meat is made of cow’s face or heel, chicken feet or pig’s face, shoulder, feet or knuckle. Souse cooks prepare it by cooking the meat and then soaking the cooked meat in a solution that contains vinegar, salt, parsley, cucumbers, minced hot peppers, fresh lemon juice or lime juice and an herb such as parsley.

Souse is generally served with three main types of savory pudding. In Guyana souse is served with black pudding, which is a mixture of herb-infused cooked rice and pig’s blood. In this region, souse cooks also make white pudding that contains all of the ingredients of black pudding with the exception that fresh coconut milk is used in place of the pig’s blood. In other parts of the Caribbean, including Barbados, black pudding contains steamed spiced sweet potatoes that are also browned before serving to give it the appearance of blood. Their version of black pudding is either served as is or tucked into a sausage casing.

Souse, along with a small amount of its pickling juice, is primarily served on Saturdays in English-speaking parts of the Caribbean. Some locals and vendors, however, also prepare and serve the pickled meat on Fridays. Some Caribbean people sell souse and pudding out of their homes, specialty shops and roadside stands throughout the region.