What Does a Sound Bar With a Wireless Subwoofer Do?

A sound bar with a wireless subwoofer offers impressive sound quality and simplifies the installation process of an audio system. Using a sound bar with a wireless subwoofer eliminates the need for a wired connection between the subwoofer, the sound bar, the device and the TV. The sound bar and subwoofer are connected to an AC power source, then connect wirelessly to each other, creating a clutter-free audio system.

Most sound bars offer excellent surround-sound quality and feature full-range stereo drivers. The wireless subwoofer provides powerful bass and typically has built-in Dolby Digital and DTS TruSurround technology. The sound bar and wireless subwoofer enhance the listening experience and improve the sound of movies, music or shows.

A wireless subwoofer has the added convenience of being placed easily in any location within a room. Because of this, it offers a rich sound experience while decreasing overall clutter. The range of the wireless subwoofer is generally up to 60 feet.

Bluetooth streaming is a useful feature of both the sound bar and subwoofer. Streaming music or movies over Bluetooth technology allows users to access media from various devices including computers, smartphones, tablets and music players. This convenient feature helps users enjoy their wireless audio systems.