What Are the Sony Trinitron Remote Control Codes?

Marcel ter Bekke/Moment/Getty Images

Possible remote control codes for a Sony Trinitron series TV are 01, 001, 088, and 089. The exact code depends upon the specific model of Trinitron and the model of the remote control being programmed.

Sony, the manufacturer of Trinitron televisions, has an electronic support (esupport) website that assists users in determining the necessary code for their specific remote control. The user is required to input the model of the remote control and then to follow the appropriate links to obtain the necessary two- or three- digit codes.

These programming codes are required to ensure that the remote control knows how to communicate to the specific end device. However, not all remote controls are compatible with Sony Trinitron televisions. Trinitron televisions use an infrared (IR) light receiver to receive commands from a remote control. If a remote is not equipped with an IR transmitter, it cannot send commands to a Trinitron TV.

The popularity of IR as a form of remote control is primarily due to its versatility and ability to control multiple different functions for various types of devices. Use of IR light for a remote control can be traced back to the 1970s and, as of 2014, is the most common form of remote control for household electronic devices.