What Are Some Songs Written by Bill Gaither?

Bill Gaither has written hundreds of songs, including “Because He Lives,” “Jesus, There’s Something About That Name,” “Something Beautiful,” “The Longer I Serve Him” and “I’m Gonna Sing.” His songs have been performed by various Christian musicians, such as the David Crowder Band, The Heritage Singers and The Cathedral Quartet. The country artists The Statler Brothers also performed some of his work, as did Elvis Presley in blues-gospel recordings.

Bill Gaither’s music has roots in southern gospel and contemporary Christian styles. Along with his wife, Gloria, Bill Gaither has performed with the Bill Gaither Trio and the Gaither Vocal Band. His career experienced a surge in popularity in the 1990s when he formed a performance recording and tour called the Gaither Homecoming Series. This project also helped rejuvenate the careers of other southern gospel musicians and created a new wave of interest for fans of Christian and gospel music.

The Bill Gaither Trio was founded in the 1950s and consisted of Gaither; his brother, Danny; and his sister, Mary Ann, who passed her spot in the group to Bill’s wife, Gloria, in 1964. The Gaithers sang traditional Christian songs and hymns in their own style and were then inspired to write their own music.