How Does Someone Remove Levolor Blinds?

To remove Levolor blinds, pull the blinds all the way up, grab the head of the blinds and push back while angling down. The back of the blind header should slide out and the front should come out as you pull forward again. Some blinds may also have a pair of tongue brackets hooked around the bottom back of the header that need to be pushed back to free the blind.

Levolor produces a wide range of styles of mini-blinds, most of which are about 1 inch thick. They range from wood to plastic, horizontal to vertical and even have spring shades that provide more complete coverage than a set of blinds. Nearly all Levolor blinds are removed the same way.

  1. Pull up the blinds
  2. Pull up or move the blinds to the side, out of the way. It may also be necessary to remove vertical hanging blinds one at a time.

  3. Push back on the header
  4. Grasp the blind header with both hands. Push back on the header while gently tilting the back of the header down. This should slide the back of the header out of the back of its bracket. Some blinds also use outside brackets or a universal mount with a bracket tongue that needs to be pushed back by hand to slide the header out of place.

  5. Pull forward on the header
  6. Pull the blind header forward slightly to take the front of the header out of the front of the bracket.