How Do I Find Someone Who Has Moved?

Erich Ferdinand/CC-BY 2.0

Locate the current address of a person who has moved by sending a letter to the person’s last known address, reviewing social media platforms or utilizing an online address database. You can also contact mutual friends and family members and search court records.

  1. Mail a letter

    Send a letter to the person’s last known address. Write “return service requested” on the exterior of the envelope. If the person in question filed a change of address form with his post office, the letter is then returned with their forwarding address.

  2. Check social media profiles

    Review the social media profiles for the person in question. If their profile isn’t readily found, connect with mutual friends or family members. Narrow search results by including identifying markers, such as hometown, schools attended or interests.

  3. Perform an online search

    Search online address databases, such as White Pages, for current contact information. If the person who moved has not updated their address via the postal service, results may not be accurate.

  4. Search court records

    Search court records within the county the person lives in. If the person has a traffic violation or a criminal case filed against them, their contact information may be accessible via public record.