What Are Some Solutions to Social Problems?

Sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies can be partly solved by comprehensive sex education. Job creation and work support are some solutions to hunger and poverty. Social support and access to health care are some solutions to alcoholism. Social issues on a global scale, from lack of health care to education, can be partially solved by the use of technology.

Solvency for social issues usually depends on the issue itself. Technology is arguably a solution for most social issues, since access to computers can help provide sex education, job information and training and even remote health care. Children in the foster system can be electronically matched with eligible foster parents. New technological breakthroughs as well as simple devices and formulas can provide everything from safe sanitary conditions to immunizations and clean water, remedying social issues found in lesser developed nations.

Like technology, education is a blanket solution that covers multiple social problems. Alcohol and substance abuse, teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and other health problems can often be avoided when youth are fully educated about the issues. Some experts argue that ignoring social issues or only partly informing teens about social concerns only helps fuel the growth of these problems.