What Are Some Soft Drinks That Don’t Have Caffeine?

Soft drinks that don’t contain any caffeine include 7-Up, most brands of root beer and certain fruit-flavored varieties. Other soft drinks that generally do not contain caffeine are ginger ale and caffeine-free colas.

Most clear soft drinks do not contain any caffeine. This includes most lemon-lime flavored sodas, such as 7-Up, Sprite and Squirt. Mountain Dew is a lemon-lime flavored soft drink that does contain caffeine; however, there is also a caffeine-free version of this drink. Other clear soft drinks such as club soda and tonic water also do not contain any caffeine as a general rule.

Fruit-flavored sodas, especially grape and orange, do not, for the most part, contain caffeine either, although it is important to check the labels as some brands of orange soda have been known to contain over 40 milligrams of caffeine per serving. Fanta and Orange Crush are two orange soft drink brands that do not contain any caffeine.

Many popular colas also have caffeine-free versions, including caffeine-free Pepsi and caffeine-free Coca-Cola. Other brands that offer caffeine-free versions of colas are Zevia and Dr. Pepper.

Most types of ginger ales and ginger beers are naturally caffeine-free. This also holds true for sarsaparilla, a soft drink originally made from the Smilax regelii plant, and which can also be made with sassafras root or licorice root. As none of these plants contain caffeine, sarsaparilla is generally caffeine-free, although some brands may have added caffeine.