How Do Soft Close Toilet Seats Work?

Soft close toilet seats work by utilizing a special slow-close hinge system that lowers the toilet seat gently and quietly. Soft close toilet seats have several advantages over standard toilet seats, including decreasing the risk of damage to the toilet and seat, reducing the incidence of injury, especially among children, and eliminating slamming of the toilet seat.

Soft close toilet seats are available to fit either round or elongated toilets. Most are available in different colors, materials and finishes. Soft close toilet seats are generally available to purchase at hardware stores, home improvement stores, department stores or anywhere that standard toilet seats are sold.

As of 2014, American Standard, TOTO and other manufacturers produce soft close toilet seats. The SoftClose toilet seat from TOTO features an ergonomic design, molded bumpers and top-tightening mounting bolts. It is made of high-impact, high-gloss polypropylene that is resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents. The Cadet 3 Slow Close toilet seat from American Standard features a solid plastic seat, traditional styling, a telescoping lid that conceals the seat when the lid is closed, and a sanitary seat lift tab. Its EverClean finish helps the seat and cover stay clean by inhibiting growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.