What Sodas Are Caffeine Free?

Paul Burns/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Most clear lemon-lime sodas are caffeine-free. Many root beer brands are also caffeine-free, but it is worth checking to be sure, as this can vary. There are several name-brand sodas that offer popular flavors in both caffeinated and caffeine-free versions. Caffeine levels can also vary by flavor, brand and type of soda. Many brown sodas have high caffeine levels.

Unless a soda explicitly advertises as “caffeine-free,” it is safer to assume that it contains caffeine. Lemon-lime flavor sodas, such as Sprite and 7-Up, are the sodas most likely to be caffeine-free. Some popular root beer brands including Barq’s, and Mugg are also caffeine-free according to their nutritional content labels.

There are many beverage alternatives to soda that don’t have caffeine, such as lemonade. Just because a beverage is caffeine-free does not mean it is considered healthy, however. It is important to keep in mind other ingredients, such as sugar, that are also contained in soda and that can be problematic.

Fresca is a citrus-flavored soda that is caffeine- and calorie-free. Available flavors include original citrus, blackberry citrus and peach citrus. Sprite and Sierra Mist are also citrus-flavored sodas that do not contain caffeine. Unlike Fresca, the regular versions of these sodas contain calories. Diet Sprite and Diet Sierra Mist are no-calorie alternatives.

Mug Root Beer and Mug Cream Soda are uncaffeinated sodas manufactured by Pepsi. Other caffeine-free Pepsi beverages include Izze sparkling juices, Gatorade and Brisk Lemonade.

Water is the most hydrating and healthiest drink option. Water offers health benefits and hydrates the body in ways that soda and other sugary beverages cannot. While caffeine-free beverages are seen as less damaging to the body than caffeinated beverages, water is better for the digestive system, skin, hair and nails.