What Is Society’?

Lima Pix/CC-BY 2.0

Society describes a group of people who share similar values, laws and traditions living in organized communities for mutual benefits. Members of society often share religions, politics or culture.

Perhaps the key word in any definition of society is “organized.” Members of society do not have to live in close proximity to one another to be considered living together as long as they share the basic attributes of the society. Similar laws and values help to bring a society together and give it structure. They also help make a society mutually beneficial for its members. People living in a society usually receive some form of security or identification from being part of it, but they also bear the responsibility of living within its structure.

Societies are voluntary establishments except in cases where persecution and public opinion are imposed on a minority to fit with a majority demand. These groups are often defined by goals and standards that are taught to younger generations and upheld through public actions like civil service and volunteerism. Each society creates its own ideas as to what is best to emulate and stand for, generating unique cultural and ideological methods of conduct and thought that are specific to these groups. While society is a voluntary endeavor in most cases, it is not always radically inclusive.