How Do Societal Trends Influence Management?

The influence of trends within society is extremely significant to how companies are managed, given that all companies are basically made up of employees and customers who are a part of society. According to, the most significant trend in society is the evolution of social technologies, which are based on the Internet. Social technologies have greatly transformed how companies manage their staff and how they market their products.

According to International Business Times, there has been a growing trend among companies that allow employees to work from home with the help of an Internet connection, especially for jobs that do not require the employees to report to the office. Companies are increasingly adopting telecommuting to retain employees who might have other critical roles at home. The advent of social media has also greatly transformed how companies market their products; most companies now have online platforms where they can interact with clients. As more people use online platforms to gather information about products before making buying decisions, businesses have adopted social influence marketing as a way of attracting customers. These companies create useful online content as a form of online marketing, which attracts visitors to their websites and generates sales.