What Is Social Work Intervention?

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Social work intervention is the practice of working in a variety of ways with individuals and families in need to help them become more independent. Assisting them in getting the health care, counseling, financial help, job training and parenting instruction needed to function productively is all potentially part of the intervention.

Many people in need of social work intervention have a mental illness or drug dependency or are in some need of counseling. Part of the social worker’s job is to forge a relationship with these clients and get them the mental health care that they need. Other clients need referrals for physical health care needs. Many clients are unemployed or underemployed and have serious difficulty meeting their financial obligations. Social workers intervene by helping these clients make a budget, find decent housing and, when necessary, file for government assistance. They also help them get job training and look for suitable employment. These interventions are all done with the goal of helping the client become independent of the need for assistance. Many clients have small children and need help learning appropriate parenting techniques. Social workers teach these techniques and regularly assess the welfare of the children. They stress the importance of proper health care and education for youth. Intervention is also helpful with the geriatric client to assure optimum health and well-being through ensuring proper nutrition, health care and even living conditions.