What Are Some Social Awareness Topics?

Social awareness topics include child abuse, AIDS, hunger, homelessness and war. The topics are subjects of periodical campaigns meant to inform and sensitize the public about these issues for the purpose of gaining support. Although some public sensitization events are usually held once a month or year, participants conduct awareness activities on an ongoing basis.

AIDS awareness seeks to sensitize people about HIV facts so that they can protect themselves and the people around them from the dangers of this disease. Ongoing awareness programs address issues affecting AIDS victims, including employment, benefits and human rights. Such programs rely on education of the public.

Homelessness and hunger awareness campaigns alert society to the existence of people who lack shelter and food due to economic distress. They bring the society together to help persons living below the poverty line by donating and collecting items such as food and clothing and taking part in auctions.

Child abuse awareness highlights the plight of kids abused by parents or guardians. The programs address child protection measures and ways to promote healthy families.

With war awareness programs, groups try to rally members of the public to protest against war and influence governments to withdraw troops from foreign land. Issues such as casualties and the tax burden are addressed.