Is There a Snap-on Dealer Locator?

A dealer and franchise locator is available for Snap-on tools through the official Snap-on website at; however, the user will need to complete all of the required fields prior to searching. These include answering questions regarding why they would like to purchase Snap-on tools, followed by a questionnaire requiring contact information including address, email address and phone number.

After all of the required information has been entered into the appropriate field, the user will be taken to a viable list of Snap-on dealer locations. From this page, the user can select a location. The Snap-on website then directs all of the required information to the dealer, and is assured that the dealer will contact the prospective customer within 48 hours of the receiving the customer’s query. There is no option for the prospective customer to contact a local franchise directly via the website.

For Snap-on Industrial Brands, there is a dealer locator at This locator only requires the input of city and state to yield results.

Snap-on is an American company located in Kenosha, Wis. They both design and manufacture tools that are marketed toward the professional tool user. The company was originally founded in 1920 in Milwaukee, WI by Joseph Johnson and William Seidemann.