Does Smirnoff Ice Expire?


Smirnoff Ice is a malt beverage much like beer, and it does expire. Most malt beverages have half-lives of about 3 months.

Although malt beverages aren’t usually bottled with an expiration date, for consumers to judge their freshness, each bottle has an industry code that features the month and year of expiration. The code may say “A0714DE,” for example, which is the industry code for a malt beverage brewed April 7, 2013 in Delaware. Keep in mind that many malt beverages display a best used by date, but if they don’t, reading this code is a good way to judge when the beverage was bottled. Add 3 months to that date, to find the expiration. In this case, the malt beverage would be good until July 7, 2014.