How Do You Get an SMC Merchandise Catalog?

An SMC merchandise catalog may be obtained either by joining SMC as an authorized seller or from a vendor of SMC merchandise. Additionally, SMC products are listed on the company’s website, though it is not possible to order products online.

SMC is company that offers individuals the opportunity to start their own businesses without having the burden of overhead inventory by purchasing items from SMC at a discounted rate and then selling them at a higher price for a profit. Members are free to name their businesses as they choose and are supplied with catalogs customized to their business. The SMC company drop ships products from its warehouse either directly to members or to their customers. Members pay a fee for benefits including purchasing products at discounted rates, catalogs and coaching to help grow their business.

SMC is the brainchild of Abe Levine, who envisioned growing a business by eliminating internal sales and allowing other people to go into business selling the products he stocked in a central warehouse. The company offers several different programs to prospective members. In addition to catalog and mail order sales, members may opt to sell from flea market booths, by holding home parties or by sub-wholesaling. Additionally, the company has a fund raising program for non-profit organizations.