What Is This Small Lump on the Inside of My Cheek Right Above My Jawline?

Salivary gland tumors are possible causes of tiny lumps on the inside of the cheek, according to Merck Manuals. Oral cysts may also cause tiny, painless bumps inside the cheek, on the inner lower lip or on gums, says Simple Steps to Better Dental Health.

Around 75 to 80 percent of salivary gland tumors grow slowly and are benign and pain-free, states Merck Manuals. Noncancerous tumors have lower chances of becoming cancerous or growing back after surgical removal. They often grow as a single, soft lump beneath the inner cheek’s lining. They can grow as hard lumps when the tumors are hollow and full of fluid.

Oral cysts are empty or fluid-filled sacs that grow under the skin or in the bone, explains Simple Steps to Better Dental Health. They are not cancerous and are typically painless when not infected. Cysts are sometimes formed when epithelium tissue cells, which are normally located in surface layers, such as the skin, travel to deeper layers of the body and multiply.

An apical periodontal cyst typically develops in the mouth due to a nerve or tooth pulp infection, states Simple Steps to Better Dental Health. Anyone who experiences swelling in the mouth or near the jaw should consult an oral surgeon, as the cyst may be an odontogenic jaw cyst, which requires surgery.