What Slogans Has Mountain Dew Used to Advertise Itself?

Some slogans that Mountain Dew has used in its advertisements include “Yahoo Mountain Dew…It’ll tickle your innards” in 1965, “Get that barefoot feelin’ drinkin’ Mountain Dew” in 1969 and “Dew it country cool” in 1986. More recent slogans as of August 2014 are “Do the Dew” and “Kickstart your night” for the Kickstart flavors of Mountain Dew.

After Mountain Dew was introduced to the public in 1965, its popularity grew with slogan, “Yahoo Mountain Dew…It’ll tickle your innards.” The following year, the slogan was shortened to “Yahoo Mountain Dew,” which remained the slogan for seven years. The third Mountain Dew slogan debuted as “Put a little yahoo in your life” in 1973 but was quickly replaced by “Hello, sunshine, hello Mountain Dew” in 1974. The next slogan, “Reach for the sun, reach for Mountain Dew” continued the sunshine theme in 1979. In the 1980s, slogans included “Give me a Dew” and “Dew it to it!”

According to Fast Company, the best Mountain Dew slogan is “Do the Dew,” which appeared for the first time in 1993. Commercials showed the soft drink as part of the extreme sports culture. Mountain Dew also sponsored the X Games, a venue for extreme sports, and used its slogan to associate the soft drink with youthful outdoor activities and daredevil antics.