Standard Labor Data Collection and Distribution Application, or SLDCADA, is a centralized online timekeeping and attendance system. It was developed by the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command to track civilian, military and contractor hours against job orders for financial purposes.

SLDCADA collects and maintains employee and labor distribution data including name, Social Security Number, job order number, pay period identification and work schedule. SLDCADA also tracks attendance data, work location, task orders and time card certification information. The U.S. Defense Department refers to SLDCADA as Time and Attendance Feeder Records.

SLDCADA records are stored in restricted areas on password-protected computers only accessible on a need-to-know basis to authorized personnel with an individual user id. The data is encrypted when it is transferred and the records are destroyed after six years. The SLDCADA system is managed by the Policy Official Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy at the Pentagon.

Anyone wanting to know if their information is in the system or seeking access to that information must make a written request to their Commanding Officer. The request should include name, address, Social Security Number and pay period.

Version 23 of SLDCADA was released in 2014 and is geared toward supervisors and self-users. It is designed to run in conjunction with Version 22.