What Skills Are Needed for Playing Tennis?

rolfbodmer/E+/Getty Images

A tennis player needs mental, technical and physical skills to be good at the sport. Optimum Tennis explains that some of the different skills and techniques that players need are stroke production, athleticism, and mental and emotional toughness.

The tennis forehand stroke is the number one technique that tennis players must learn, according to Optimum Tennis. To do the forehand stroke, a right-handed player steps to the left and hits the tennis ball from the right side of the body. The backhand stroke is another important technique to master. To do a backhand stroke, a right-handed player hits the ball from the left side of the body.

Mental tennis skills give a player an edge, preparing the player for games and making strokes better. Players must have motivation and concentration. By having motivation, new players push themselves to learn techniques to win matches. According to Optimum Tennis, concentration keeps players from being distracted and helps win matches.

Emotions can hurt the game of even the best player. Players must learn emotional toughness to win on the court. Optimum Tennis advises that players must be able to create a positive attitude when things go wrong. The thoughts and images imagined while playing affect the game. Transferring these skills to the game involves using visualization, imagery and simulation.

Tennis involves a lot of physical activity. Speed, endurance, agility and flexibility are needed to be a successful player, according to Optimum Tennis. Being able to chase after balls and being agile enough to return them are important. Players must be flexible to reach difficult returns and have the endurance to last the entire game.