What Size Dining Table Do You Need to Seat 12?

To seat 12 people, the table size is dependent on the shape of the table. If it is a circular table, the table diameter can range from 8 to 9 feet. For a square table, a suitable size can be approximately 8 feet, while a rectangular table can have a dimension of 4.5 feet in width by 10 feet in length.

If there is an existing small dining table in a home, it is possible to get another table to accommodate more people. If a homeowner does not want to buy such a large dining table for the home, an option is to get a smaller table that has leaves. To accommodate more people, the leaves can be added to the table. Until the leaves are needed, they can be stored.

The table size should provide enough room for place setting. The usual width distance needed for a place setting is approximately 24 inches.