What Is the Size Chart for L.L.Bean Clothing?

The size chart for L.L. Bean clothing is a table for matching body measurements with clothing sizes. There are size charts for men’s, women’s and children’s clothing available on the company’s website at LLBean.com.

The L.L. Bean size charts list measurements in inches or centimeters. The men’s size chart matches measurements in each of six variables with an appropriate size from small to triple extra large. For example, a chest measurement of 34 to 36 inches matches small, a chest measurement of 38 to 40 inches matches medium and so on. The other variables besides chest are neck, waist, regular sleeve, tall sleeve and height.

The women’s size chart contains two main tables, one for women and one for misses. Sizes on the misses’ size chart range from double extra small to extra large. Sizes on the women’s chart range from extra large to triple extra large. The measurement variables on the women’s size chart are bust, natural waist, hips, regular sleeve and regular torso.

The men’s and women’s size charts also include tables for sock size, hat size and glove size.

The children’s size chart is organized similarly with sizes for infants, toddlers, little boys/girls and big boys/girls.