What Size Bottles Does Liquor Come In?

MITSUHIRO OUCHI/a.collectionRF/Getty Images

Liquor bottles come in a standardized range of sizes, from the 1.7-ounce miniature bottles used by airlines, other mass transportation industries and hotels through commercially available sizes such as half pint, pint and fifth, up to half-gallon and even gallon jugs. Liquor bottles are sized in either ounces or milliliters according to where the beverage is packaged; in the USA, ounces are the standard.

A half pint bottle holds 6.8 ounces, a pint holds 12.7 ounces and a fifth holds 25.36 ounces. Liquors (and soft drinks) are also sold in the United States in liter bottles, which hold 33.8 ounces.