How Do You Get Six-Pack Abs?

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Maintaining a healthy diet is essential when it comes to achieving a six pack. Foods that are low in fat, as well as natural foods, are best. Giving the abdominal muscles time to relax in between workouts helps to heal and restore the muscles. This allows the six pack to form naturally without causing unnecessary strain to the body. A variety of exercises, not just crunches and sit-ups, helps to shape all the muscles in the abdominal area.

  1. Follow a healthy diet

    A diet filled with lean meats, fruits, vegetables and whole grains will help reduce body fat. This makes it easier for the body to form sculpted abs. A diet that is high in protein builds lean muscles and assists your body in burning fat. Your body burns a considerable amount of calories breaking down protein. When body fat decreases, it is easier to see and sculpt the abdominal muscles.

  2. Avoid abdominal workouts every day

    It is best to work the abdominal muscles two or three times a week. This gives the muscles times to grow and repair. Working out other muscle groups, such as the chest, legs and arms, when not working on the abs can help to create a toned physique.

  3. Add some variety to your workout

    Do more than sit-ups and crunches when working toward a six pack. Add exercises like hanging leg raises and bicycle crunches to work out the side and bottom muscles of the chest.

  4. Eat carbohydrates after working out

    Eating carbohydrates such as whole grain pasta and bread is essential after an abdominal workout. Oatmeal and sweet potatoes are essential foods for supplying your body with energy as well. If you eat these foods after working out, they are less likely to turn into fat in your body. recommends eating a moderate serving of carbohydrates and one or two cups of vegetables with every meal.