What Six Colors Are on the Classic Campbell’s Soup Label?

Wally Gobetz/CC-BY-2.0

The six colors that appear on classic Campbell soup labels are red, white, gold, black, blue and yellow. Some Campbell soup cans feature the four main colors of red, white, black and gold, while other varieties feature the addition of blue and yellow. For example, a classic can of Campbell’s tomato soup prominently features red and white, with gold and black as accent colors.

Some labels for Campbell’s traditional Select soups feature the classic Campbell’s name and the word “select” against a red backdrop. A blue banner displays the name of the soup contents. When yellow appears on the labels, it is often used to accentuate the soup’s benefits. Green is a seventh color that commonly appears on certain varieties of Campbell’s soup cans. The color green appears on cans of Campbell’s Homestyle and Healthy Request selections. Green is often used to designate a specific type of soup as being heart healthy.

It is interesting to note that the original labels for Campbell’s soup featured gold lettering against a white backdrop. Black and red were merely accent colors. The classic red and white theme that is so familiar to consumers came into being after a company executive watched a football game between Cornell and Pennsylvania universities. Cornell’s crimson red and white football uniforms inspired a color theme change for Campbell soup labels.