Are Simon Li Furniture Reviews Generally Favorable?

Reviews for Simon Li furniture are generally positive. As of 2016, most reviews on are from satisfied customers who explain that the products are high-quality, sofas are comfortable, and customer service is excellent. One of the reviewers says that the newly bought Simon Li sofa is made of high-end leather and has become a show piece in the sitting room.

Customers who bought Simon Li furniture are satisfied with the quality and look of the products. In their reviews, they explain that sofas are made of buttery soft, deluxe materials. The leather used for some of the sofas is supple and has a warm and stylish feel. Several of the reviews also mention that sofas come in a range of sophisticated color shadings that go well in both contemporary and classic rooms. Others compliment the high-quality stitching and the beautiful feather-blend seat cushions.

Reviews for the Burke Leather Sofa on highlight that the sofa is big but that the assembly process was simple. Customers describe it as a heavy and sturdy but very comfortable piece. An Amazon review for a Charleston Leather Ottoman mentions that the piece of furniture has an antique feel and the finish of the leather is luxurious.