What Will Silence Squeaky Struts and Shocks?

The squeaking noises caused by a strut is due to a lack of lubrication on the jounce bumper, which can be silenced using grease. The jounce bumper is located on top of the shock’s piston rod, which tends to stick in colder environments.

Squeaking noises found on shock or strut combinations are generally caused by dust boots. When the bushings do not slide smoothly from their positions, they create a loud, high-pitched noise. The following instructions explain how to safely grease the piston rods and provide optimal lubrication of the dust boots.

  1. Remove the dust cover
  2. Locate and remove the dust cover from the shock assembly.

  3. Apply grease
  4. Apply grease to the shown portion of the piston rod. Be sure to evenly distribute the grease around the circumference of the rod.

  5. Reinstall the dust boot
  6. Once the grease is set, install the dust boot back onto the piston rod.