What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve in the Leg or Back?

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Signs or symptoms of a pinched or compressed nerve in the leg or back include low back pain or pain that travels through the leg and foot, according to WebMD. Symptoms can include pain in the area of compression/inflammation, radiating pain, tingling, “pins and needles,” a burning sensation or weakness.

Nerves extend from the brain through the spinal cord sending information throughout the body, as explained by WebMD. A compressed or pinched nerve can send warning signals in the form of pain and may include one or more symptoms. These symptoms can indicate that a serious condition exists or may develop, so patients should not disregard them. The earlier a person receives a diagnosis, the more quickly he can experience relief. Early diagnosis may also prevent long-term problems.

Repetitive motions, holding the body in one position for lengthy durations, or sleeping in an awkward position can cause a pinched nerve, as stated by WebMD. Injury, poor posture, obesity, and hobbies or sports are other possible causes of a compressed nerve, as noted by Mayo Clinic. Nerves are mainly vulnerable in areas of the body where they travel through narrow spaces yet have inadequate soft tissue to protect them, says WebMD.