What Are the Signs & Symptoms of a Bad Motherboard Processor?

Symptoms of a bad motherboard and processor include a computer that does not boot at all or a computer that starts to boot and then stops. A computer that freezes is another sign that a motherboard and processor are bad.

If the computer boots up, the first step to troubleshooting is to check the settings on the computer, such as the power setting, which may cause the computer to got into sleep mode if it’s set incorrectly. Windows Restore, which restores the computer to a time when it worked, is another option. It is also important to scan for viruses and malware.

If the computer does not boot up, a loose cord or connection is sometimes at fault. If the computer is connected to a power source but only beeps, the number of beeps sometimes indicates the problem. For instance, one beep followed by three, four or five beeps often indicates a motherboard issue. If there are four beeps followed by two, three or four beeps, the problem is often an issue with a port, which is sometimes associated with a damaged motherboard.

Hardware problems inside of the computer also cause problems similar to those encountered with a failed motherboard.. Generally, it’s best to skip home repairs, and instead hire a professional to diagnose hardware issues.