What Are the Signs of Shingles in Women?

LWA/Dann Tardif/Blend Images/Getty Images

Signs of shingles in women include burning, pain, tingling and numbness around the site of the rash. These symptoms often occur in the days and weeks before a rash appears, explains WebMD. Flu-like symptoms and tenderness or swelling around the lymph nodes may also occur.

In the active stage of shingles, people experience new symptoms, such as a rash, blisters and piercing pain, claims WebMD. The rash can appear anywhere on the body, but it only appears on either the left or the right side, not both. Blisters begin to form and fill with a clear liquid that may become cloudy after a few days. A rash may also appear on the face, and if near the eye, it may threaten sight unless treated immediately. Usually, the rash lasts two to four weeks though scarring can last longer.

The third and final stage of shingles also has signs associated with it, including chronic pain, according to WebMD. A woman may experience burning, aching or stabbing pain in the area where the rash was, and she may experience sensitivity to touch. The pain lasts for at least 30 days in most cases, and it can last for years in some individuals. The pain associated with this stage of shingles generally occurs on the chest or forehead and can make it difficult for the patient to eat and sleep.