What Signs Do Pisces Get Along With Best?

Pisces is reportedly most compatible with the other water signs, Cancer and Scorpio. This is said to be due to their even spacing on the zodiacal wheel, lending an air of harmony to relationships between them. Cancer and Scorpio also share many of Pisces’ traits, including sensitivity and intuition.

Of the two water signs, Cancer is perhaps the best match for Pisces since the equal emotional vulnerabilities of these signs can lead to an empathetic relationship.

Pisces might also get along well with another Pisces, as there will be a strong basis of mutual understanding, with each appreciating the sensitive, creative qualities of the other. However, their close similarities might also create problems, particularly when it comes to mood swings.

Capricorn and Taurus are also harmoniously spaced relative to Pisces on the zodiacal wheel. Being Earth signs, they are thought to be useful for keeping Pisces grounded.

Virgo, which is situated directly across from Pisces on the zodiacal wheel, can also be a good match. Their differences may create a harmonious and complementary relationship. Likewise, Aquarius and Aries, the signs on either side of Pisces, can be complementary despite their differences.

The worst possible match for a Pisces, by contrast, is Gemini, owing to their typically unemotional, logical perspective.