What Are the Signs of an Oil Pump Failure in a Dodge Ram 1500?

A loud clanking noise, low oil pressure and high engine temperatures are three crucial signs that the oil pump in the Dodge Ram 1500 is failing and in need of replacement. Before any signs begin to surface, the “check engine” light may appear on the dashboard.

One of the first signs of an oil pump failure in a Dodge Ram 1500 is the appearance of the “check engine” light. Another common sign of trouble is a loud clanking noise coming from the engine. When the engine is working properly, the hydraulic lifters are nearly silent due to the lubrication the oil provides. When the flow of oil is being cut off due to an oil pump failure, the hydraulic lifters can become loud and cause commotion under the hood.

A defective or failing oil pump causes low oil pressure within the engine. When the oil pressure in the engine is low, it can cause the temperature within the engine to rise. On the dashboard is a temperature gauge that shows if the temperature under the hood is elevating. If the gauge is jumping around, there is a good chance the car is suffering from high engine temperatures due to a lack of oil.

Though oil pump failure is unlikely, if any or all of the signs are observed, owners should take it as a warning and bring the Dodge Ram 1500 into an automotive shop before further problems occur.