What Are Some Signs of the End Times According to Revelations?

Signs of the end times according to Revelations are nations rising against each other and wars between peoples and nations. A series of natural disasters offer additional signs of the end times, including earthquakes and violent hail storms. God also appoints messengers to preach the gospel during the end times.

According to the book of Revelation, in the end times, an anti-Christ figure heads the government. Other false gods appear and claim Christ’s authority. There is an increase in false prophecy, and these authorities seek to persecute Christians. Additional signs of the end times are nations warring with other nations. In general, hate between individuals increases during the end times, while betrayal increases and true love decreases.

An additional sign of the end times is a violent earthquake. God intends to grab the world’s attention with this disruptive, worldwide earthquake and possibly a series of smaller earthquakes. Travel and communication infrastructures collapse during the earthquakes.

A violent hail storm follows the earthquakes. The hail storm brings fires that destroy crops and leave millions homeless throughout the world. Asteroids follow the hail storm and the asteroids trigger giant waves that decimate coastal communities. Contaminated water supplies cause a number of deaths from bacteria.

During these end times, God appoints 144,000 messengers to tell the world of God and His plan and conditions for salvation. Most people reject God’s message. An additional sign of the end times is the devil’s appearance on Earth acting as Christ in disguise. God allows the devil and his angels to kill one-third of the world’s population. They set out to kill anyone who chooses not to follow the devil.