What Are the Signs of Being Pregnant in Your Tubes?

According to WebMD, a pregnancy in the fallopian tubes is referred to as an ectopic pregnancy and the most common signs of the condition are vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain. The pain typically begins on one side and can be more severe upon moving or straining. Additional symptoms are similar to normal pregnancy symptoms and include nausea, tender breasts and fatigue.

The Mayo Clinic explains that in certain individuals, early ectopic pregnancies don’t cause any signs or symptoms. Ectopic pregnancies can also cause blood to leak into the fallopian tubes. Signs of blood leakage include pain in the shoulder and an urge to defecate. Symptoms of a ruptured fallopian tube include abdominal bleeding, dizziness and shock.

MedlinePlus explains that an ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg in a pregnant woman becomes blocked when traveling to the uterus. Risk factors for ectopic pregnancy include scarring of the female organs, previous ectopic pregnancies, birth defects in the fallopian tubes and endometriosis. Ectopic pregnancies typically occur in one of the fallopian tubes, but they can also develop in the ovaries, cervix or abdomen. It’s important for women experiencing symptoms of ectopic pregnancy to seek immediate medical assistance, as the condition can be life-threatening. Treatments for ectopic pregnancy include blood transfusions, oxygen therapy, surgery and medication.