What Is the Significance of “I Am a Filipino” by Carlos P. Romulo?

“I Am a Filipino” is often considered a manifesto for the Filipinos’ dream of freedom from colonial rule. It is the most famous literary work of Carlos P. Romulo and was published in August of 1941 in the Philippines Herald.

“I Am a Filipino” is an essay that underlines the burning desire of the Filipinos for independence. It starts with a quick walk through the history of the nation and culminates with a paragraph that states “I am a Filipino born to freedom.” Romulo mentions that the Philippines is a child resulting from the marriage of the East and the West and deserves to take a proud stand in the world. His call for freedom is born from the rights of the Filipinos to be proud of their inheritance and he announces that he will not find peace until the dream of freedom is achieved for his people. Romulo was a Filpino statesman, diplomat, author and journalist who served under eight Philippine presidents and was the country’s representative to the United States and the United Nations. “I Am a Filipino” is often chosen by students for elocution contests and is one of the most famous nationalist manifestos in the world.