What Is a Signature LA Fitness Club?

jeepersmedia/CC-BY 2.0

A signature fitness club is an upscale version of a fitness club that has better equipment, fancy amenities and has a higher membership price. A signature L.A. fitness club would be any signature fitness club in Los Angeles or could be one of the LA Fitness Club chain’s signature clubs.

LA Fitness Club is a fitness club franchise that has clubs all around the United States. The club franchise began in 1984 in Southern California. It focuses on affordable yet quality equipment and highly trained staff. Many LA Fitness locations, particularly those of the signature clubs, offer 24-hour access to the club. The amenities found at LA Fitness vary from club to club, but often include pools, hot tubs and personal trainers. LA Fitness bases its success around its commitment to its communities and focuses on satisfying each community member regardless of age or interest. The club also includes free group classes with membership.

An example of another signature club in LA is the West LA Equinox location. This location boosts several amenities and features that other Equinox locations in Los Angeles do not have. These include a large sun deck, huge basketball court, hot tubs, indoor squash courts, indoor tennis courts and several dining and socializing options.