How Do You Sign in to Kelly Educational Staffing’s Automated Scheduling System?

Sign in to Kelly Educational Staffing’s automated scheduling system by visiting the Kelly Educational Staffing website to access the Kelly Automated Scheduling System login portal. The company uses the Aesop system, which is developed by Frontline Technologies.

Kelly Educational Staffing is one of the global leaders in the temporary staffing industry. The company provides a broad range of workforce solutions, including substitute staffing management, specialized staffing, non-instructional staffing and after-school customer solutions, to teachers and qualified aides who are on the lookout for their next work opportunity.

Kelly Educational Staffing makes it convenient for members to search for teaching assignments or newly vacant positions through its Easy Scheduling employee perk. The company utilizes the Aesop absence and substitute management online system, which oversees employee absences and automatically arranges for a qualified individual to temporarily fill in the vacant position.

To access Kelly Educational Staffing’s Aesop login page:

  1. Navigate to the Kelly Educational Staffing website
  2. Use an Internet browser and go to the Kelly Education Staffing website at Click on the Aesop Login link located on the top portion of the home page.

  3. Provide login information
  4. Enter ID and PIN in the corresponding text fields. Click the Sign In button to proceed.

Users who forgot their PINs can click on the “Forgot Your Pin?” link to obtain further instructions on how to sign in to their accounts. For other problems, click on the “Need Help?” link.